Problem Situation: Humanity has become immortal. People can even be brought back from the dead. Death has now become an adventure for the rich and powerful. You are the doctor that kills and revives them. You are fed-up with all those glossy faces and superficial smiles. Now that death is gone nothing seems absolute to… Continue reading Monotony



If you had to make a choice between love and duty, which would you choose? Something I wrote recently, incorporating the dynamics of three fictional pairings (Contessina/Ezio from Medici: Masters of Florence, and Catelyn/Littlefinger and Daenerys/Jorah from Game of Thrones), and creating, I hope, something unique and haunting. This story was written to the soul-stirringly… Continue reading Lacrimosa


... For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own. Sleep, that state of blessed repose. When you can leave reality behind for a few hours, and do things and be things that may or not be possible in your wakeful state. It is a strange and marvelous world that we weave… Continue reading Sleep